Entrepreneur Motivation Day 5/7

The easiest way to be creative is to be original.

The biggest thing getting in the way of you thinking and acting creatively is your view about others’ opinions of yourself.

Conforming your creativity to be ‘accepted’ is like creating poison for the soul.

Think about Pablo Picasso for a second.

Here’s his brand of genius:


And here we have the brand of genius the world could relate with on a more natural level before he came along:


If Picasso had tried to conform to society’s standards of traditional beauty in art, we would’ve been deprived of the amazing work that he created for us.

Thankfully he didn’t because he understood what creativity was really about.

“Every child is an artist. The challenge is in staying an artist as a grown up.”

~Pablo Picasso

As an entrepreneur, consider yourself and your mission as highly as Moses considered his mission in this world. Your work has the power of freeing people from the bondage that their own outdated approach towards something has bound them in!

Could the world have imagined before the iPhone came along that you could have a phone without buttons and it would actually simplify your life?

Could the world have imagined that a platform that allows you to only type 160 characters at a time would bring the world insanely closer?

Could the world have imagined that anyone could accept payments from anyone else anywhere in the world just by using a simple application?

People were too busy trying to get things done as fast as they could before these inventions came along.

It’s not only the person who is creating a profitable business who is an entrepreneur, it’s the person who is showing you a new way to think and building the tools you need for it who is an entrepreneur.

Someone who has consciously made a decision to break away from the pack and build his or her own identity on their own beliefs is an entrepreneur.

I agree some of them just end up creating massive ideas with sinister underpinnings like Lex Luthor! However, look at how many of them have created value for humanity.

There will always be people criticizing how man solves one problem and creates so many more but the human race is still young. Look at the process of creation with a little more optimism and let your higher purpose guide you to create more of what you believe in.

If you as an entrepreneur aren’t doing the best work you believe in, you’re not creating a value in this world by while using up its abundant resources that justifies your path.

Think about it. Why would you want to leverage all of these amazing inventions such as electricity, automobiles, computers, cameras, smartphones, polyester, rubber and bluetooth, wifi, air conditioning… in pursuit of myopic ambitions that don’t serve a higher purpose or even represent the best of who you are?

Why would you engage in activity that adds no real value to people’s lives or your own when you’re building atop the gigantic contributions and the overwhelming costs at which they have been handed down to us?

The people out to destroy the world aren’t for a minute thinking about how their ‘higher purpose’ is totally out of whack. Why would you function from a place that doesn’t resonate with your highest belief?

You can only break the wheel with love. Function from a higher place. Think of what you do and what it means to you as an expression of your love for life. Think of what you have to offer as an expression of your love for humanity.

If you don’t love what you do you’re cheating yourself and this world of your best.

Why would you want to do that? Did you go through all of that as an entrepreneur to do mediocre work that is easy to sell?

Nothing is difficult to sell. If you believe in what you’re selling, if you believe in the value you’re creating, you’ll find that you have no problems at all in taking the necessary action to make it profitable.

But you’ll never be confident about the work you’re doing as an entrepreneur unless you are able to be creative, unhindered.

Think about the people who have made it big in this world being crazy and being crazy about being crazy. Why, you’ll always find people who endorse your brand of crazy in the world.

But if you live out this life building things that you wouldn’t want be credited for on your tombstone, you’re already dead.

I don’t know what that thing is that you want to create, I don’t know if you’re a poet, a writer, a yoga teacher or martial artist. I don’t know how you’re doing in life, if you’ve eaten, if you’ve slept well, if you’ve been able to pay your bills this month..

I don’t know what you’re going through…

All I can say is, whatever it is you want to create from the deepest of your inner truth.. that thing.. which is ready to burst out of you but you keep holding it within your heart.. telling yourself why you can’t let it…. that thing

This world needs it. I need it, You need it, We all need it.

Because love is the highest vibration in this world and when you connect with your deepest and most profound thoughts and ideas.. and you allow yourself to express your purpose unhindered.. you will never be wrong and the world will be a better place for having you in it!

I can promise you that.



Listen to this audio recording about creating your best work as an Entrepeneur and taking the right steps to make your true work profitable:

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