The expert at anything was once a beginner

No matter how far you go in life and what you become, there will always be things that are new to you. Things that you are new to.
Things that you don’t understand yet but shall know too well in times to come.

That’s the beauty of life, you never know around which corner, behind which wall, which door, your destiny lies.

You can loosely categorize your life into two fragments:

Comfort zone
StRaNgE zone

You can do that but that doesn’t guarantee they wont interchange in the future. All the choices you make and decisions you take, are based on the assumption that there are a things you ‘can‘ and ‘can’t’ do.

But before you restrict yourself with boundaries such as these, take a moment to dwell on this thought :

” The expert in anything was once a beginner “

Usain Bolt once knew nothing about walking let alone running.
Phelps was once a little kid afraid of water.
Every fighter pilot was once a scared kid on a Ferris Wheel.
Steve Jobs was once a college drop out broke young lad !

Even GODS were ALL mere mortals once.

And if you find yourself unable to believe this last line, then you probably have got all creation wrong…

The most important thing I want you to remember forever is this:
All great endings have modest beginnings. The only sure way of going the distance and making the cut, is to take one step at a time in the direction of your goal and do so continuously.

There’s a beautiful Sanskrit Shloka to that effect:

” Agachann Tu Vainteyopi Padam Ekam Na Gachati”

English Translation:

” Without starting even ‘Garuda’, the Divine Eagle, King of All Birds, cannot move a step. “

Simply put:

To arrive you have to start.

All you have to do is show up every day, every day every day and never give up.

You do that effectively for the better part of your life and sure as hell at the end of it all….You’ll find yourself exactly where you wanted to be!

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One thought on “The expert at anything was once a beginner

  1. I love this piece and due to impute from someone in my life I went from saying, I am gonna write a book to saying, I am writing a book. Amazing how much power that gave me. I knew 10 years ago God was prompting me to write a book but believed the lies and would start only to stop. So I just put it aside but it never left my mind and God sent people after people to remind me what He wanted me to do. Even watching a movie He spoke. Not sure if you have watch the movie, Pearl Harbor. There is a scene after the Japanese has bomb Hawaii when the president of the US is being advice to not go to war with them. they keep saying, we can’t with tons of excuses. Our president, crippled, in a wheel chair in great pain pulls himself upright. It was a mighty feat and everyone in the room knew how hard it was for him to do. finally standing, he says, gentlemen, do not tell what I can’t do. At that point my heart soared because the enemy of my soul had been telling I could not write a book all with reason that made sense. I am maybe half way through the book, and I say to my enemy, don’t tell me I can’t. This post just poured more energy into me. You are a good coach.

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