Oh great mountain!

Abode of Shiva

Destroyer of illusions,

Granter of boons;

I rest in your lair tonight;

Under the open skies

Protected underneath the vigil

Of uncountable devotees

Shining bright, from above.

O great mountain!

The white snow shining bright

On your brow;

Seems almost like the moon

Come down to camp with me;

On the damp grass,

Of this holy land.

O great mother!

O benevolent mother!

of the mountains, rivers and snow;

I seek the fierce protection,

In your motherly warmth.

Tonight I rest in your lap

Let no harm come to me;

O mother !

Thou arst the protector

Of these realms;

The guide of the lost

And saviour

Of the forsaken.

I surrender my soul to thee.

Should my breath

The cold winds freeze,

Too weary and numb

Should my heart cease;

Don’t let me linger, let me be.

I always was, am still;

Shall always be..

son of the mountains

Wild and free.

© Jay Kaushal

Live.. Bigger!

8 thoughts on “Wild And Free

  1. I get, sorta what you mean about ones comfort zone. My husband and I have stepped out of our comfort zone several times being involved in overseas missions. I am one of those people who love things to stay the same, do not need adventure but God has had a different plan for me. One thing stepping out side the comfort zone does is grow our view of the world and for me has given me peace and courage and contentment. I know what does not make me content most of the time so I don’t go there unless I have to. Its funny because I am switching to wordpress from blogspot and find just that little change a challenged because I am not tect smart. Most directions are like a foreign language to me. but slowly but surely I will get it. Also, I am writing a book, a memoir, finding that a challenge also. As much as I loved my love before stepping out of the box, I am grateful for all the steps. But I am getting older so right now it’s a challenge to just be older but honestly once you get the hand it, you find enjoyment and peace being in the moment. Of course I don’t know you but good luck on your journey through life.

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      1. I am doing well. I just re-read your post and gleamed more. You have inspired me to get on with writing my book. I take block of time and write, write, write then have to take a break because my life as a wife, mentor of women, counselor of women, grand mother, mother gets in the way. Not really does it get in the way. Life all of life, one must be fluid, my new word lately. Again, thanks..


      1. I’m great jay, ,glad to be alive. I just realized that problems in this life will always be there, the only difference is if you allowed it to affect you or not. Have a great day ahead Jay.

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      2. Haha yes.. Ive been realising that a lot lately. Problems are routes to growth basically. Just like you have tests in school and math problems and crosswords.. the point is to strengthen ur mind and ur psyche… Build a deeper relationship with yourself and trust yourself to pull you out of difficult life situations. 🙂

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