What if this,
is all there is?
What if this..
is as good as it gets?
What if this is
as far, you were
meant to be;
And everything
that you ever
dreamed about
for the future,
were memories;
Being carried on
from a past life.
A past where,
you had it all.
A life where,
you made it all.
And yet you still,
wiped that slate..
Just for this!
Maybe you had
but happiness.
but satisfaction.
Just an empty,
dark void..
That you could
never manage to fill.
Maybe the purpose
of all your sorrows,
all your struggles,
all your happiness,
and all your
Was to bring you..
in this present;
That you
so carelessly
discount for
being a lot less,
than it is.
This present,
that you never
fully learned to
appreciate; Because
you were always
too fixated about
filling that void.
The void that
cannot be fulfilled.
The void that robs you
of the present,
that is the present;
While keeping you chasing.
While keeping you running
after uncertain tomorrows,
as all your todays
Have come and gone.
Each one of them
having failed,
to satisfy you.
Wouldn’t you regret
not enjoying this,
a lot more?
Wouldn’t you regret
not living; while
you could have..
If you realise,
At the end
Of it all..
was the best
you could have ever had?

© Jay Kaushal

25 thoughts on “What if this is all there is?

  1. I agree with your thought Jay…present is all we have, lets learn to value it for memories are made out of present…dreams find their foundation in present…voids can only be filled if we live meaningfully, giving our best to ‘present.’ Stay blessed and keep inspiring!

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    1. Thanks for reading and giving your valuable insights mam. I reaaly value it. In my humble opinion though.. Some voids can’t be filled and we just have to learn to make our peace with that eventually. It’s like missing a tooth. Invariably that is where your tongue will wander off to in the beginning.. Slowly you’ll just make your peace with the fact that that is all there is to it.. Not having a tooth. So what? 🙂

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  2. ‘This present, that you never fully learned to appreciate; Because you were always too fixated about filling that void.’

    Great work. This poem is the greatest example of why we should live in the moment, focus on the ‘now’ and learn to take pleasure from smaller things in life. Having an ultimate, greater goal is great, but it doesn’t mean that the rest of your life, your road there, your efforts to achieve it, aren’t as important.

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    1. Lol all the lines written in this poem are just for art… the crux of the poem is within the title itself: “What if this is all there is? ” You think you’ve got everything so planned out and charted out and everything. Then you just die **klunk** and there go your plans. You can die tomorrow or fall hopelessly in love with ‘someone else’… how can you tell? That’s the thing about these scenarios that we build our lives around… they become obsolete as soon as tomorrow arrives. 🙂

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      1. Although I totally agree with you, although the fact that I got a different interpretation from your poem just goes to show how flexible poetry is, how beautiful it is that we can each interpret it the way we like… That right there is the ‘art’ in it.

        As for the point you’re trying to make, I guess this sums it up best:

        ‘Tomorrow shall be better
        But that’s what today
        Was supposed to be..’

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    1. Hey Sumaiya! Thanks a lot for the kind words. I tried visiting your website but it wouldn’t load for some reason. I hope the link is right. I’m sorry for the late reply. I’m just scrambling for this super important exam I have next Sunday…

      Learning not to waste time trying to fill the void is something that requires a lot of practice. It requires consciously ‘letting go’ of life once in a while. Cause the more you try to hold on to things and control things, the more difficult it is to see things for what they are.

      The purpose of life isn’t to beat yourself over finding a purpose…
      The purpose of life is just to live..
      Purposefully. 🙂

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  3. Just an empty,
    dark void..
    That you could
    never manage to fill.

    Utterly poignant. It’s as if your words communicated with me through a language of both pain and pleasure, of present and future. I hope you’re not right but you are–we forget to “live” most of the time by focusing too much on what to do next and on finding real happiness by getting everything you wanted. Pure and sublime. Your words are so powerful it stabbed me hard. Well done, Jay. Your poem just lit all the lights.

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    1. Heheh you’re too kind to me Apple. Thank you for your motivating words. But those lines are actually where I wanted to highlight how deeply we’re damaged in our psyche.. Of wanting more. Its like we can’t change it because that is the general pattern of the world we live in.. That there’s always something better out there of you wait long enough.. Why??? I dont get it. Why wait to be happy in the future when you can be just as happy right here right now? Lol it seems illogical doesn’t it?


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