I wonder how..

Everywhere I look,

Everyone I see,

All of them so tense;

Scurrying past me.

I wonder how..

That we’re all,


In such a hurry;

Reaching places,

We’ll never get on time.

Photo & Poem: Β© Jay Kaushal

14 thoughts on “Photo-poem ‘Slow’

    1. Thanks Frances! Lol one would think that being in such a hurry would at least help us get places in time. More often than not instead, we find ourselves in traffic jams or check-in queues or check-out queues or with a flat tire or who knows what!

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      1. Yes, but sometimes, Jay, ‘you snooze you lose’. (Like when you miss! someone’s birthday down under). Just kidding;) But seriously, they say “time waits for no man”. It just keeps piling on more and more bullshit, that keeps your To Do List too late! and a dollar short! Before you know it it’s May Day, and the cranberries you bought fresh on Xmas Eve, now rot in the fresh bin, and you don’t know where the time goes. ‘What you seek is seeking you’….I’m seeking TIME and SPACE for starters! Gotta run…

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      2. Oohhh.. This has got to be the most interesting comment on my blog since I started it. Nice having you over Jean! I wrote this poem more with the idea in mind that rushing and trying to get ‘there’.. A figurative destination in your life.. Faster, is precisely what makes everything so slow. Cause you begin to care less and less about doing it right and more about doing it fast. That leads you to make mistakes and you find yourself lagging behind than those who were more thorough and patient. πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰ Appreciate your comment man! Thanks.


  1. Loved the photo-poem and poem-poem. πŸ˜› There is a tactic I have begun applying lately to counter-act exactly what your describing in the poems. I used to be in such a hurry myself, hurrying not to miss the bus, hurrying not to miss the appointment. I realized I was causing myself no harm than good. Now I go against it. If I miss the bus, that’s fine, just a better opportunity for me to walk, listen to music, think a bit. And if I’m a bit late to the appointment, that’s okay, no one’s going to die from it. I’ve noticed this more relaxed approach has actually helped me be more on time. And of course, I have regained peace of mind from it, which is of course the most important thing you can have. What’s the point in running all the time, in the end, what are we really running for?

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    1. Hehe “loved the photo-poem and the poem-poem” you’re such an bubbly person Ev. Always good to see your name in the comments. Puts a smile on my face. πŸ™‚ As for your counter tactic.. Yeah that’s precisely the point I was trying to make with the photograph there. I think people with these elaborate ‘programs’ and schedules have too much of a restricted strategy for getting things done. In real life shit begins to hit the fan at break neck speed and your programs and schedules go out of the window. The things that were ‘helping’ you get things done before become the ones preventing you from adapting to the new status quo. Therefore..I believe being more ‘spontaneous’ is a much better strategy and a lot more fun. πŸ˜‰ So I think what you’ve began to do differently is just that.. You’ve become more spontaneous now. πŸ™‚ There’s no point running at all.. What you seek is seeking you..You’ll just bump into it one day as you turn a corner.. Walking and whistling without a care in the world. Only thing to do is to keep walking… πŸ™‚

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      1. Haha thank you Jay ❀ Yes I guess you're right… I guess the key here is to have balance… It's like the ancient philosophers used to say it, all in moderation… πŸ™‚


  2. I also have the same sentiments. Everyone is in a hurry, even myself. Like all the time. Like a time bomb that’s about to explode. Why? Because time is gold they say, that maybe it’s gonna be too late if you don’t do it now. I have that sense of urgency within me that is partly good but mostly bad. I get frustrated each time I don’t get there on time and I feel like I haven’t achieved much at this age even though people keep on telling me I’ve achieved so much. I don’t know, maybe it’s just that feeling of “not good enough” and being hungry for more and more that pushes me to run fast. Ugh. Ive said too much lol your post is sooo thought-provoking! Isn’t it obvious that I super love it? Short but strong form of poetry. Well done, Jay!

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