Photo & Poem: Β© Jay Kaushal

18 thoughts on “Photo-poem ‘Every Corner’

  1. How true is this? 100%. Like we are all so clingy married to our phones we tend to forget to look around and witness the natural beauty around us. Loved the connection of the photo and the poem!

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    1. Yeah… We have these overblown ideas of beauty and perfection and in pursuit of that beauty and perfection.. We just completely ignore what lies right in front of us. We undermine the beauty staring at us in the face just cause we’re always.. Somewhere else. Phone tablet laptop.. Always plugged into the virtual world. πŸ˜›


  2. … there’s worse: looking at the beauty through the smartphone camera, taking a quick picture and walking away like a kid steal a candy in a supermarket.

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      1. Lol that was a joke again B. I was trying to say that I may be like that kid stealing candy but I didn’t just run away with the picture.. I wrote a poem about it. πŸ˜‰

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