She ain’t just a girl,
She’ the girl.
She’s a flame.

She’s like fire,
Floating on
Tender ornate wings
Of a butterfly;
Fluttering past you
In the summer.

She’s broken
a many hearts
And had her heart
broken too,
One too many times.

You want her,
Like they all do..
But you can’t have her.
You need her,
Like them all..
But she doesn’t need you.

And if she wants you,
You can’t escape.
She always has her way.

If you get too close;
And if ever too soon,
You’ll dissolve your being
Into her, like hot wax.

But if she ever
Decides to be yours;
If she ever decides
To let you,
Into her life..

Don’t you leave her
And walk away.
Even if she misses you
Like it kills her,
She’ll never say.

Dont bind her down,
Let her fly free.
She’s like the wind
And will always be.

She needs to go
Where none else dare.
She dares to do,
What they all fear.
She has scores to settle
With society;
And she has a great cause,
She must fulfill.

Aye, she’s beautiful!
But not like Aphrodite.
She’s beautiful
Like Ares would be;
Were he lucky enough,
To be born a woman.

Aye, she’s a rebel!
But not like those idiots,
Shouting slogans
waving flags
rebelling just to rebel.

She’s the kind of rebel,
Who changes and heals
The world.
She’s the kind of rebel,
Who leads the world
To light.

She’s independent.
She’s strong.
She’s tender within
But you’ll never know.
She cares a lot
But she’s too emotional
To really if ever,
let it show.

She’ll cry in her room
And walk out smiling,
The moment she steps
Outside the door.

She’ll start sentences
But stop in between.
“Anyway..” she’ll say
and go silent.
Just to hear you talk.

And when She begins to talk
about herself
she steers conversations..
To your dreams,
About your life,
And your goals
And your beliefs
And every boring detail,

She may be having
The best time of her life
But she’ll tell you
Everything sucks,
Cause you’re not there.

If you’re lucky,
A girl like her
Will show up
In your life someday;
Like a beacon of light
In hopeless darkness;
Guiding you through,
Leading you out,
Of utter crap.

She’s something else.
She’s something different.
Patiently burning within..
Radiantly glowing without..

Like a firefly.

Β© Jay Kaushal

31 thoughts on “Firefly

  1. A Brilliant tribute to womanhood! Wow! Jay, I haven’t read many poems written by you but this could be your masterpiece.
    I wonder how you could write so much about a woman…you seem to know her so well! Thank you for saying all that lies within her…all she wants is respect and freedom…unconditional love follows if she is respected otherwise she could be a ‘flame!’

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe Thanks Balroop. I’m glad you liked it. My genre is mainly motivational and these other poems I write when inspiration strikes. Yeah She’s a wonderful woman.
      She’s the best.
      I know her well I think.
      But not nearly enough..
      Because you can never,
      know a woman completely!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot for your interest man. When you do, do read the ones under the ‘motivational’ category.
      I personally feel that’s where my best work is. πŸ˜‰


  2. You know us pretty well, huh? Well done. Thanks for looking at women this way. I wonder, who were you thinking when you wrote this? Just felt like you wrote this for the one you adore. It has that kind of message stuffed within your words πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha i deeply respect women. I have had the good fortune of having some amazing women in my life who have shaped my personality to make me who I am today. All women.. Who I know or don’t can identify themselves with this poem in some way or another… And Oh! I do adore her. I adore her for the person she is and the person she’s trying to be. I adore her for the wonderful woman she is and how she gives herself to the people in her life she cares about.. Completely and Truly. πŸ™‚


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