…Is temporary gratification for the uninitiated seeker of self realisation.

It’s the first reflex. The first instinct.

A nagging feeling of not ‘fitting in.’ And a realisation that you never ever.. Will.

It’s elusive and misleading.

‘Escape’ isn’t real.

Just a distorted reality of a convenient inability to reconcile with the truth that…

True progress is made, moving deeper and deeper into oneself.

Everything outside, is, was and shall remain..transient.

Everything inside, began dying the moment you were born.

Between the two… rests the undying, uncontained, uncorrupted fragment of life…

Silently watching your shenanigans in amusement.

© Jay Kaushal

15 thoughts on “Escape..

      1. You know, I think that your message can clearly appear only to people who are (or have been) on that same path. But you should definitely try and expand your public, yes!

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      2. Yeah I think if I can reach out to people who can really derive value from my writing… As you said people on the same path.. I guess word of mouth could help in the biggest way. I’ll just sit where I am.. creating what I am.. lucky to have had it come to me..In time a crowd will gather if they all find it interesting! 🙂

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  1. Somehow I was a bit lost trying to grasp the crux but the last line added a brilliant mix of humour to an otherwise thought provoking take on how to live this life. You keep getting better! And ah! I’ve missed so much, sadly 😦 I’ll catch up on everything in due time. Have a good night😊

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    1. Heheh thanks a lot. I am glad u found this nice enough. On the whole.. Grasping the crux of this idea is not easy and it’s supposed to be not easy. I’ve just tried to illustrate the same. The last line is really all that matters isn’t it. Haha. The last line tells us that even if we went mad trying to figure all this out we still don’t have a fucking clue what we’re really doing or ought to be. 😉


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