When someone wants
To walk away,
Just let them.

When someone wants
To leave, knowing
How much you
Really need them;
Just let them.

The problem is
You can’t see,
That the one
Walking away, is;
So you have
One less distraction
To deal with.

One less detractor
To criticise, your
Beliefs and ideas.

One less skeptic
To doubt, your
Abilities and vision.

One less weakness,
Concealed as silent
Half-willed support.

The problem is,
You’re just too
frigging busy begging
them to stay.

When you should
Hold the door
Open, and close
It behind them!

© Jay Kaushal

19 thoughts on “Stop begging them to stay!

  1. Ah! Jay is in unhappy today! Yes indeed I agree with what you words conveyed. It’s a waste of your precious time, feelings, emotions, energy and the element of heart that holds hopes for a better future, trifling leaves it shattered, dismayed and distrustful adding a heavy weight to life which makes things too difficult. Can’t let people fool around with your precious life.

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    1. Haha I don’t let my emotions rule my writing. I write how actors act you know. Keep it dramatic and real . Who knows what I really am inside or what my life really is like.. Maybe I am happily married or never been in a relationship.. 😉 Letting go is important to learn in ALL relationships not just romantic.. We are holding on to toxic people in some or the other areas of our life. We hold on to them because we are too dependent on them. Too afraid of going it alone. Once people know you are gonna run after them and beg them to stay they’ll walk all over you! Better that they walk away instead! 🙂

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      1. I agree with you, Jay, about letting go however hard it may feel like for otherwise its gets all the more messy especially like you said with them walking all over your feelings.
        Hahaha! I see, that’s a liberty writers enjoy, undoubtedly 😂😄

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  2. I couldn’t agree more to this. Let go if that person who promised they wouldn’t leave, left. Let go if that person have thought about leaving in the first place. We all deserve someone who would stick with us no matter what, and not someone who second guesses staying or not. This is one of the best poems you’ve written so far, Jay! Nailed it! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading Apple and for your precious precious comments. It’s always so wonderful whenever you come visiting. 😀 I wrote this one because I needed to say it. Put it out there. Far too many people are wasting their lives for people who don’t even deserve them. I mean.. just open your eyes and see.. sometimes when someone leaves.. it’s the best damn thing that can happen to you man!!

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