In the depths
Of your deepest
Most gruesome
Paralysing fears;
True power
Waiting. Enslaved
Hopeless, desolate
By your lack of courage.

© Jay Kaushal

11 thoughts on “Warrior Within

  1. Couldn’t have been said better. When feeling totally beaten, paralyzed as you very rightfully mentioned in fear, the step that could change it all could be one’s strength to have some courage. That courage would probably open other doors but it definitely doesn’t help to be silently cowering in darkness.
    You started out slowly, prying at the troubled angles before calmly making your way to the real cause! Fabulous writing☺️

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    1. Thank you Elle. I just use what’s going on in my life to motivate others. Glad you like it. Also, your essay’s doing well I see. Good luck with that. I’ve been voting on it every now and then too. 🙂

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  2. Does this poem trying to speak to me specifically? Haha. Lack of courage is what really stops us from awakening the giant within us. I love this. A wake up call. 🙂 Well written, Jay.

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    1. Hehe speaks to anyone who can hear it Apple. Over the last year I’ve realised how facing your fears really transforms you as a person in a way you can’t possibly imagine. You become stronger and stronger until you look yourself in the mirror one day and realise you’re a completely different person. 🙂


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