They will criticise you.
They will belittle you.
They will dismiss you,
As insignificant
And frivolous.

But you must answer
Not merely in strong words
Or arguments.

You must answer your critics
In song and prose.

For the lotus,
Doesn’t grow thorns
Like the rose.

The lotus maintains its poise
And retains its regality;
Floating like a pink beacon
Of stoicism.
In mud.

Uncorrupted, unperturbed by its
Humble circumstances;

The lotus sings a song of beauty,
A song of smiling defiance..

A captivating melody..
in mud.

© Jay Kaushal

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16 thoughts on “A melody in mud

  1. Woah! Kind of feeling like a lotus these that has forgotten to bloom after being squished and pushed by the piercing mess around it but then the point of stoicism in your poem and the way it bloomed out of the circumstances gave me a high. Brilliant creation much like a lotus blooming in its full glory☺️

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    1. Thanks a lot. Wonderful to know that it resonates with you on the level that I had hoped. A lotus never forgets to bloom. A lotus blooms when the time is right. Like the sun rises when it’s dawn and the clouds rain on the fields when they are thirsty beyond measure. Your time will come and when it does it will feel like dancing effortlessly on ice like figure skaters.. After falling again and again until dancing on ice begins to feel more natural than walking on pavements….

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      1. I do excessive self motivation referring to texts, music, and other means. I must confess, not many people hold the talent to throw in some sound positivity and motivation by being this poetic! Thank you, Jay. May you help many more☺️ Have a great day ahead!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. As Bob Marley once said: “You don’t know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.” Thanks a lot. I hope you keep reading my poems and we can stay connected as writers egging each other on. A couple of YouTube motivational channels that have changed my life: Mateusz m and Absolute Motivation. Try them. They have combined motivation speeches with videos, music and visuals to make something else entirely!! One video in particular: Have a great day you too!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Well, Bob Marley was absolutely right. That’s the only way, sometimes😐 Oh yes, sure, Jay. Do keep in touch. I’d love to read your work and have meaningful, inspiring conversations with you.
        I’d check them out, thanks a bunch. Take care!

        Liked by 1 person

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