You could lose,
Everything; in a second.

If you do,
Would you still want,
What you want right now?

You could be wrong and lost,
In the dark woods of confusion.

If that happens,
Would you still keep walking,
This path you’ve chosen?

You may sleep tonight
And not wake up tomorrow.

If you don’t,
Would you regret,
Not finishing what you started?

What if you’re just too fed up;
And eager to surrender, one day;

If you are,
Would you find the courage,
To get up, and not give up;

In this dream of yours?

If you have a dream,
Bigger than yourself;
Stronger than the elements,
Tougher than your tough times;

If you have a dream,
That makes you believe,
In yourself, your purpose;

A dream that keeps
You striving, moving, fighting;
Despite the worst odds,
Rejection and failure;

If you have a dream,
That is keeping you alive,
Even though life no longer allures;

I promise you my friend,

Even death does shy away;
From a man so driven.
Until he has fulfilled,
His destiny.

© Jay Kaushal

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Picture Credits: ‘Ship In A Storm’ by Willem Van De Velde the second, 1707

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12 thoughts on “The power of your dreams

  1. Love this poem…If I had a dream…yes, I have a dream and God has given me so many of my dreams. One of my dreams was that someday I could live in the mountains, close to at least one of my children and their children. And that I would have a real fireplace in the house. In 2012 we came home from Papua New Guinea, discouraged because our son was divorcing his wife and two children. We chose to share a place with him so the kids could have somewhere stable to come visit their Dad. But still I was depressed for almost six months. Sitting in my back yard one day, I was complaining to the Lord and He reminded me of what I had ask for. Three things, we lived in southern California surrounded by mountain, our son lived with us and his children part time and to top that off the condo we rented had a real fireplace. My depression lifted and I realized I wanted these three things my way, no divorce involved that caused where we lived so we could help our son. I do not dream perfection anymore, I dream God’s will in my life. Had I got it the way I wanted it I would have learned more about contentment. As for what I am dreaming for now, insight into writing my book, health to continue in our ministry, we are 72. One thing for sure as you age, your dreams become more realistic.

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    1. I feel so guilty for replying to this comment so late. I apologize, I had been going through some major transformations in my personal life and got so caught up in them that I forgot life happening around me. The beautiful thing is this: Having gone through what I’ve gone through in the last couple of months, I can assure you that I ‘completely understand now’ what you mean. The Chinese say “Be careful what you wish for” for a reason. You wish for things but you have no idea where you are about the things that will need to shift and change to make way for those dreams to manifest in your life. It’s like negotiating with life I often feel. Many times it has happened to me that I’ve pined for something or someone.. only to hear a silent voice at the back of my mind say: “Really? Would you still want it if I gave you that and took this away?” The point though is not to NOT dream. The point is just to put in the work and HOPE. Hope is a good thing. (Shawshank Classic Line Of Wisdom) and I can feel it now truly that it is. Hope is a good thing. Surrendering to the will of God is however, the best thing. It frees you up from so much and opens your mind up.. for so much.. MORE! 😀 🙂


  2. You are not as late in commenting as I am. We have been on a month long ministry trip in which I had to mostly lay aside reading blogs and commenting. Cannot even begin to tell you how much God has taught me about seeing his answers to my dreams. He certainly knows best and His timing is never wrong and out of each issue comes wisdom into Him which grows my hope for future dreams and desires He has placed in me. One of my favorite phrase that keeps me grounded in His and in life is: He never ever waste anything that comes into my life. With that foundation to stand on there is insight into the fringes of His ways and that is enough for me, just a fringe. Transformations can be so painful but as the Marines day, no pain, no gain. Blessings. And thank you for replying.


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