What do you do;

When you are lonely,

But not alone?

Who do you turn;

To share those moments,

You can’t express?

Do you wear,

A smile on your face, or frown?

A feeling of melancholy, or bliss?

Or do you yearn for a hug?

Or a smile or a careless kiss?

For years and years, I’ve been lonely;

But never have I ever been alone.

I’ve tried hiding my thoughts and

I’ve tried, letting them be known.

I sit and ponder in those times,

I have none but me for company;

Does life pass me by?

Or does it simply fail;

to keep up with me?

© Jay Kaushal

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16 thoughts on “NowHere

  1. I love looking back at old posts too, and this one is amazing. Being lonely not only happens when you’re alone and it’s so true. What’s harder is to fake a smile to those around you when the truth is your breaking inside 😔

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah.. It’s actually feeling like you’re in a boat in the middle of nowhere because you feel so isolated.. Looking back is what makes you a writer. Lol We won’t be able to write better if we didn’t have the ability to look back. Reflection is needed for expression. Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Time actually flies if you ask me. If one doesn’t feel lonely while being alone then my fellow writer, that’s a heavily sought after bliss. Your poems are realistic, keeping one involved in life and yet daring to walk over the other side!

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    1. Thank you so much. Someone i don’t remember said once: “Reality is the most painful experience. That is why people constantly run away from it…” You can idealise life and idealise emotions but reality is where the creativity flows. Reality is where the creation happens that links you to the imaginative.. An alternate reality of what ifs…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah! What a beautiful way to describe the process. Running away from reality can be a viable alternative at times to seek refuge in a world of imagination but like you pointed out, you’d finally have to come back to it for that’s the actual ground for all actions!

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  3. Well, I have say, I think I am hooked on your poem because each one speaks to me, yet for the life of me I could not write one. What talent you have been given and I am glad I finally found your blog. You write real emotions, not fake ones, emotions that cause me to shake my head and say, yes, yes, yes, just as I would when I hear truth being shared in a sermon. I’ll be back for more.


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