Not enough pencils
in the class;
far too many,
erasers I find.

Not enough colors
in the class;
far too many,
canvases I see.

A lot of paint
in many cans;
a single color,
to paint with.

Printed letters running miles;
on white pages,
facts and figures,
hard to memorize.

My mind longs escape,
from the mundane,
chains on desks
hold me tight.

Ardent faces looking on
with such hope;
what do I
have to provide?

My wings too were
clipped long ago
I too know
nothing, about flight.

I wish; I could
share some failures
I have none,
never having tried.

I just repeat heroics;
of generations of
who never learnt,
how to fly.

© Jay Kaushal

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