Bad decisions,
are unfairly judged;
and criticized,
quite harshly.

Good decisions,
are over rated;
and too
leniently praised.

Bad decisions,
leave you; with
better sense
of judgement.

Good decisions,
merely leave you
gloating; over
your judgement.

Bad decisions,
afford you, a
brief recess;
via failure

Good decisions,
leave you with
little time,
to reassess.

Bad decisions
build you stronger,
imbibing greater
discipline within.

Good decisions
diminish your eagerness,
for trying
new things.

Bad decisions
are needed, so
good decisions
come through.

Good decisions
are needed, so
visible progress
can continue.

Bad decisions,
Good decisions, both;
are cycles
of development.

Yet people
appreciate good decisions
only, not
bad decisions.

© Jay Kaushal

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